Foreign Subsidiaries in Germany - Special Service

Kanzlei Roth Export Controlling provides Specialized Services for Foreign HiTec and Military Subsidiaries in Germany, for

Manufacturers, Export/Import Traders, Freight Forwarders, Air Carriers, Sea and Land Transport Companies, Banks, Insurance Companies, their Attorneys, Accountants, and Consultants in the field of:

  • Military and HiTec Export Shipment Controls. 
  • Service is in English and German language 
  • covering the area of German, European, US and US Reexport Regulations 
  • and German War Weapons Controls. 
  • Specifically we provide commodity classification,
  • List Decontrol,
  • Licensing,
  • Customs Export Release,
  • Cargo Seizure Release,
  • Customs Tariff Listing,
  • Financial Sanctions, 
  • Bank and Payment Release, 
  • Supplier Confirmations, 
  • Compliance Programs,
  • Compliance Checks, 
  • Authority Checks, (Aussenwirtschaftsprüfung)
  • Customs Investigations,
  • Criminal Investigations, 
  • Risk Elimination (short- and longterm), 
  • Special Criminal Insurance, 
  • Legal-Technical Expertise, 
  • Trade Law,
  • Transport Law, 
  • Corporate Law, 
  • Banking and Payment Issues

With us You have always 3 Options:

  1. You do it yourself - we provide Analysis, Your Map, and Training
  2. We do it together - based on Your Needs and Capabilities
  3. Done for You - in Case of Emergency


"Profitcenter Export Controlling"
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